5 Best Ram For AMD Ryzen 5 2600

When we are talking about AMD processors Ryzen 5 2600 and 3600 is definitely going to strike your mind as these are one of the great processors from AMD but If you are familiar with AMD processors you also know the fact that AMD Ryzen processors performance is highly dependent on the memory.

if you use low-end memory with them you will get slow performance but if you use fast RAM kits you will definitely get higher performance also this is true that in these days RAM kits are much cheaper than they are a few years ago.

As you know the importance of “RAM” you have to be very attentive while buying RAM. For the best performance of AMD Ryzen 5 2600, you must buy RAM kits of 16GB clocked at least 3000MHz. 

In this article, we will have a look at the best 5 RAM for AMD Ryzen 5 2600.

Corsair Vengeance lpx (Editor`s Choice)

This is one of the best RAM kits available with no doubt Whether in the form of Cooler, Fans, case, or RAM Modules. They definitely do a great job, once you`ll buy it you will definitely admit the best of your processor.

As we know Ryzen works with high memory and this RAM gives you a rated frequency of 3000MHz which means it will be able to perform 3.0 billion instructions per second. This is 16GB Kits (Two 8GB Module) is perfect for gaming and many more. Also, it is affordable.

  • High performance
  • Low latency
  • You will get two included cooling fans
  • Renowned brand
  • Manual overclocking beyond 1.35v does not work properly
  • Looks could have been better

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 16GB DDR4

Corsair Dominator Platinum is the flagship kit from the company and is one of the costliest RAM kits in the market. Now coming to the specifications of the RAM kit, it comes with an 8GB module each making total RAM capacity to 16GB, the frequency of the RAM kit is 3200MHz although the high-end kits have a frequency as much as 4800MHz. You can also customize its RGB lighting. 

  • Dazzling RGB lightning
  • High overclocking potential
  • Costly than others

G. Skill Trident Z Neo

If you are talking about the finest RAM kits available in the market G. Skill needs no introduction. Their products are affordable as well as costly. This RAM Kit is fully competitive with the above one also lower than Corsair dominator platinum.

You get to hold the frequency clock of 3600MHz which makes the RAM perform 3.6 billion instructions per second, also if you love RGB lightning this RAM is One of the best RGB lightning having 8GB modules each making total capacity to 16GB. It’s worth mentioning that the CAS latency of RAM is “CL18”. 

  • Unique aesthetics
  • Top-notch performance
  • The cooling solution is better than most flagships
  • Phenomenal frequency
  • Uses high Latency
  • There is not a lot of value for Ryzen specific features
  • Expensive because of RGB

G. Skill Flare X Series 

First of all, the RAM is mainly designed for AMD processors, which is apparent from the label on the module. Since it comes without RGB but it really doesn’t matter as RAM is efficient. The transfer rate is top-notch, which means you will have a seamless gaming experience.

Also, it gives your lifetime warranty which means you can have replacements as much time you wanted, it also has an excellent module with an exceptional CAS latency of “CL14”. Not to mention that is very affordable.

  • CAS latency of 14
  • Made specifically for AMD Ryzen
  • Amazing Transfer rate
  • Great at overclocking
  • Dull as no RGB
  • Doesn`t offer any advanced features

Crucial Ballistix RGB 16GB DDR4

Crucial also emerge after its RAM comes with a price lower than other RAM present in the market as there exists an opportunity for budget customers. The height of its sticks is lower than other high-end sticks which might affect the cooling performance of this kit.

The performance of this kit is almost the same as that of Trident Z Neo Kit making it the fastest RAM kit on this list the frequency of the RAM kit is 3600MHz with a latency of “CL16” as well.

  • Available in many colors while being RGB lit
  • High Frequency
  • Not as well-known as Corsair And G.Skill


If you are looking for the best RAM for AMD Ryzen 5 2600 then this list is perfect and will definitely help you. All the RAM kits we have mentioned are Tried and tested by Industry Specialists and also, they are in the range of budget as well. You can buy any of the best RAM for AMD Ryzen 5 2600 mentioned above not to worry as they are of best suitable and for the best performance of AMD Ryzen 5 2600 

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