5 Best Motherboard for i7 7700k – (Buyer Guide)

As you are very aware of the fact that CPU being called the Brain of computer addition to that Motherboard is the main component of CPU. There are a lot of companies available in markets these days who are selling motherboards with different specifications. 

Being a very essential and main component of CPU motherboard should be best suitable according to your needs in a way to experience the best of your computer. Different brands encourage you to buy their motherboards by telling you the features they have. 

In this article, I will tell you the features you must consider before buying the best motherboard for the i7 7700k. Intel i7 processors launched in 2008 and from then its reputation is continuously increasing after the launch of many Gamers, Multitaskers make it the go-to option. 

It is based on Kaby Lake architecture which is a refresh of Skylake architecture. It is one of the most popular and high-performance processors of all time. Now moving forward let`s discuss the Best Motherboard for the i7 7700k


Asus without any doubt the best motherboard manufacturer as it gives the best in this business. It has been producing gaming components for many years and is one of the best brands in the eyes of most people. It is one of the best motherboards for the i7 7700k.

It is built in a way to optimize highly for overclocking to the extreme level. This offers you everything which you need to have for your idle system. Starting from the body it is made of a heavy metallic body and heavy Armor in front in a way to provide the best protection.

Its built quality not only gives protection as well as durability. It is the best stuff for advanced gaming if you are a beginner in gaming, you cannot experience all its features due to the vast variety it has. This is undoubtedly the best for an advanced gaming experience.

Also, it offers 4 x USB 2.0 ports, 4 x USB 3.0 ports, and 1 x USB 3.0 port which is one of the fastest in the market. It also has 6 SATA and 3 x PCIe ports. Apart from all this it also has a Sublime Audio system which is the most attractive part of it.

If you are worried about Type-C or Type-A USB then it is a solution to your problem as it comes with both. It also has a 10 phase (8+2) VRM backed up by “Ek water block”, which is a copper-lined custom water loop running straight to the water cooler in a way to give extra cooling.

It also supports DDR4 RAM which runs up to more than 4100 Mhz. It also supports 3-way CrossFire, up to 2-way SLI in discrete graphics. It also supports Dual-channel Wi-Fi which is a great feature for wireless connectivity purposes.

Asus Maximus IX Formula is one of the best premium motherboards from Asus as it has a full ATX board with a 2070 Z270 chipset which is an absolute treat. The Asus Maximus IX Formula uses SupremeFX Technology which is one of the best presents in the market till now.  

Asus made overclocking very easy for the users as we can apply to overclock it to our heart’s content right out of the box without any tweaking of voltages required which is great. Asus also claims up to 35-degree Celsius lower VRM


 It also has RGB lighting which can be customized according to your choice. If you love gaming or you love advanced gaming then this Asus Maximus IX Formula is best for you, you will go to experience something advanced, premium with this.

  • Design is extremely good
  • Heavy metallic build
  • User-friendly OC setup
  • Best choice for Premium Gaming Experience
  • Pre-installed I/O plate

  • A bit Expensive
  • Single USB 2.0 header


Another ASUS product but this is not shocking as ASUS made a variety of premium products for advanced gaming and brilliant performance which is unmatchable. ASUS ROG MAXIMUS IX APEX is specifically made up for hardcore gaming and excellent performance.

The ROG Maximus IX APEX has also broken the world record of having a full suite of onboard overclocking characteristics also have dual BIO’s chips LN2 switching mode. This is based on heavy focus overclocking having the assistance of an LN2 cooling system.

ROG Maximus IX APEX is mainly designed for intel i7 processors in a way to increase the speed to the max also the connectivity as it is having USB 3.1 Type-A and Type-C connections which riding on the dual M.2 and also intel Optane memory compatibility.

ROG Maximus IX APEX is having supreme features with ASUS elite AURA sync RGB lighting. It also has 2 additional RGB headers and a 3D-printing-friendly design. It supports Operating systems from Windows 7 to Windows 10 86*64.

Apart from all this One-click optimization for overclocking with curve fan setting is also a great feature of it. Having these high technology features will give you the best experience. It has a full eATX board that supports a Z270 chipset which gives you limitless customizability.

Asus ROG Maximus IX APEX also offers you 6 PCIe slots with varying bandwidths in a way to support multiple expansion cards. Also, if you are someone who is going to use multiple GPU setups then this motherboard is best for you.

It also has 2 M.2 expansions which are given through a DIMM.2 adapter. This feature allows a DRAM fan cooler to flow air towards M.2 in a way to prevent throttling which is also a treat to have in the motherboard. Having only 4 SATA ports is a bit disappointing even if it is having a great price.

Except that all the features are tremendous and for guys who love overclocking, this Asus ROG Maximus IX APEX gives you more than you expect and best suit for you.

  • Great Connectivity
  • Stable
  • Great build quality
  • Extreme overloading
  • Well Equipped
  • 3-D Printing friendly mount
  • Limited RAM slots
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Module not present

MSI Z270-A Pro

MSI Z270-A Pro is something that can be the best choice for budget buyers due to its mid-price range. As if you are getting something which fulfills your need while spending not too much then what to expect more. But also, you cannot customize the RGB options. 

Audio Boost is one of the key features of this while gaming it will give you the best experience as it established itself into a high-quality audio unit. The audio boost feature is something that makes it a competitor with others. MSI Z270-A Pro is made with that quality that you can trust.

It is also one of the best motherboards for the i7 7700k, one of the reasons it is on this list. It also allows you OPTANE caching to lift your storage devices in a way to make it a quicker system. It also supports DDR4 RAM which runs up to more than 3800Mhz OC that allows more fastness during higher memory.

X-boost is one of the key features of it as it maximizes your machine to even better transfer speed and can increase up to 30% in USB performance that will definitely save your time during transferring data. This tool is handy and lightweight which is very convenient to use.

The best thing is that it detects USB devices automatically and also connects them to your system which is a very smart feature of it. It is best suited for mid-tower and full-tower cases as being an ATX board. Having 4 RAM slots, 6PCIe slots, and 6 SATA ports which are in addition to a single m.2 slot.

I`m not saying it will give you the performance like the motherboards mentioned above, but if you compare its performance with its price then you`ll definitely feel that you are getting more than you are investing is rare to see in these kinds of things.

So, if you`re a budget buyer so I recommend you must go for it as it will give you more than it costs as there are only a few products in the market which give you this kind of Price-Performance ratio. So, you must go for MSI Z270-A Pro. It will not disappoint you.

  • Best mid-range option
  • A good number of RAM slots
  • Ample cooling option
  • USB performance increases with X-boost
  • Stays cool while playing games
  • No RGB customization
  • Missing feature to ensure stability under overclocking
  • Sometimes it takes endless restart loops


Asus ROG Maximus IX Hero another ASUS product in this list but it is obvious as Asus continuously making a product that is not premium just for saying but also its products give you that kind of performance which is idle for almost all the hardcore gamers.

It has almost all the features that Asus Rog Maximus IX Apex has to offer in a slightly smaller form factor. If you talk about this board, it can be described as ATX similar to ASUS ROG IX APEX both having almost the same set of features with only a few differences.

It has personalization with Asus high-class AURA sync RGB lightning also 3D printing friendly which is unmatchable. It is truly one of the best motherboards for i7 7700k also because of the reason that it is designed for 7th generation Intel Core processors in a way to take full advantage of connectivity.

Apart from this, it maximizes speed with Dual M.2 also it has USB 3.1 in its front panel and also Intel Optane Memory compatibility. It also has 5-Way Optimization having Auto-Tuning. It has a bump number of RAM slots from 2 to a more modest 4.

You can also see an increase in SATA ports from 4 in the Apex to 6 in the Hero. In terms of storage options and DIMM slots make Asus ROG Maximus IX Hero get a place in this list. Here also you will get 2 M.2 slots but in a more conventional layout with PCB design.

It also features the SupremeFX 8-channel audio chip of ROG which provides various enhancement options along with crystal-clear sound. FanXpert 4 mechanically tailors overclocking profiles in a way to your exclusive build for best OC performance and active system cooling. 

  • RGB Lighting is excellent
  • Stability is fantastic runs very cool
  • Have almost all feature that makes it best for gaming
  • Wide variety of features
  • LN2 overclocking is recommended
  • Onboard AC Wi-Fi is not available


ASRock Taichi is also one of the best motherboards for the i7 7700k. It is an updated version that suits best with VR gaming, advanced gaming, and also ultra-hardcore overclocking when compatible graphics card coupled with it. This motherboard price-performance-quality ratio you will get is awesome.

In this motherboard you will get 9 USB ports, four are on the rear and the rest are on the front panel, also it has a Type-A port that is vertically dedicated to the networking. It has 4PCIe 3ports with 16 addresses also having additional operation single PCIe.

ASRock Taichi has both types of onboard Type-A and Type-C USB3.1 which are on the back I/O in a way to be compassionate next-generation USB 3.1 which gives you the transmission rate above 10GBps. Audio inputs are perfect via 7.1 channel HD Realtek audio drivers. 

It is having a sapphire black frame which is made of superalloy material also this model is engineered with glass surface PCB layering which will prevent any moisture or corrosive element from staying inside and also prevents it from the short circuit.

You can directly plug and play with balanced sound without any burst having minimum noise levels as there is no need to install any additional drivers. It also provides colorful lighting patterns, also giving you the option to modify RGB lighting patterns.

You can also get more RGB patterns from ASRock App Shop by simply downloading them and making your RGB pattern look more attractive with just one click and they provide good customer support. You can connect up to 3 external screens to Z270 with its HDMI and display ports it has.

  • Supports 3 screens
  • 9USB ports
  • DDR4 RAM which can expandable up to 64GB
  • PWM technology for faster processing
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Expensive than its competitors
  • The look is not that good


If you are looking for the best motherboard for i7 7700k then this list will definitely help you. All the motherboards mentioned are Tried and tested by Industry Specialists and all the motherboards suggested above are best in this business. 

You can buy any of the motherboards as per your requirements and budget but all of them are the best motherboard for i7 7700k. I recommend that if you have no budget issue then you must go for Asus ROG Maximus IX variants as they are a bit costly.

But they have that kind of features which are unmatchable also their performance will never disappoint you but if you are a budget buyer then you can go for MSI Z270-A Pro as I mentioned above its Price-performance ratio is more than amazing. You will get more than you will spend. I hope I may help you to buy the best motherboard for i7 7700k.

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